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Task: Get new applications for permanent makeup services via Instagram and Facebook ads



The studio is in Chicago, and as a result, the challenge was necessary to attract applications within a certain location.

We always start our work with Market Research, we analyze the competitors, find out what ads and offers they launch on facebook and instagram, also we receive all the information from the client, and on this basis we proceed to the next step.

After searching the brief, we agreed on the photo and video materials, which will be used for advertising, then we wrote promotional texts, exactly, and all packed into promotional creations.

On the basis of successful previous experience in business without hesitation we decided  to collect applications to optimize "Messages" messages simultaneously in Facebook messenger and Instagram.

The preparation for the launch of the advertising campaign took us 6-7 days, with a team:  a manager, a target therapist, a video editor and a designer, is able to respond quickly to the changes of the client and prepare everything as quickly as possible.

Since we had a limited geo of 16 miles, we didn’t take advantage of any interests, but gave the system complete freedom to automatically optimize.

As a result, we have launched two advertising campaigns for the purpose of "Messages".